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We understand that your home is one of life’s biggest decisions, in every aspect, including style of course. When building a home, you are looking for unique solutions that suit your lifestyle, so naturally, the materials you decide to use are an important and enduring choice.

To assist with this decision, the following nine colour schemes have been created to help you discover your perfect style.


featuring a mix of rich, warm brown and red tones that perfectly capture a blend of the old and the new.


the earthy inviting palette of Bisque allows you to maximise natural colours and textures.


Blanco features contemporary, high contrasting elements.


Crema features a comfortable, stylish timelessness.


Raven makes a bold and powerful statement at a material, textural and colour level.


Beautifully expressive with a signature glamorous edge.


Rich and luxurious, Sienna draws from a strong, powerful range of coloured sand textures and hues.


Sterling is a sensory feast – highlighting texture and colour tones that evoke interest.


Taupe exhibits a neutral grey palette which strikes a true balance between warm and cool tones.

Style Collaborators

Brickworks has collaborated with the following industry professionals to create a selection of colour schemes that will not only inspire, but also give you the confidence to create your perfect home. Click here to find your style inspiration

Kim Chadwick

Trend Forecast Director

Style Inspiration

Kim Chadwick

Trend Forecast Director

Be inspired by form, function, colour and texture for your home

This unique range of curated colour palettes have been carefully designed to meet the needs of the style-conscious consumer – you. These schemes speak to current trends and have been created with longevity and enduring style in mind. We have used our industry insider knowledge and interpreted what’s happening in the market now as well as looking to the future of residential design.

Zoe Condoleon

Design Specialist

Style Inspiration

Zoe Condoleon

Design Specialist

A home really comes to life when you add that third dimension of colour and texture to the floor plan. No matter whether you’re a traditionalist or looking to push visual design boundaries, one of these palettes is sure to perfectly complement your style. In working on these palettes I visualised our customers and developed suites that would suit their style and lifestyle needs and enable them to use colour and texture to enhance and highlight design elements.

Style Inspiration

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