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We understand that your home is one of life’s biggest decisions, in every aspect, including style of course. When building a home, you are looking for unique solutions that suit your lifestyle, so naturally, the materials you decide to use are an important and enduring choice. To assist with this decision, the following eight colour schemes have been created to help you discover your perfect style.

Wendy Moore's Inspiration

For the style conscious homeowner, Wendy has taken her inspiration from both domestic and international trends, while keeping the selections relevant for the Australian lifestyle. Each palette features different variations of Brickworks products and colours illustrating that whether your look is traditional or contemporary, there’s a design to suit every taste.


Swathed in deep inky blues this look is purely focussed on creating mood and atmosphere and an intimacy that instantly envelops you.


Millennial pink grows up with this soft and feminine style. The blush hues carry undertones of caramels and creams and the luxury comes from simple and warm metallics, pink marbles and soft terrazzo.


With its roots stemming from the Hamptons style, this is a look that draws inspiration from grand homes and the established style of Ivy League history.


International influences are now part of everyday life, and the patterns and textures from far-flung lands are being collected as part of a new Australian lifestyle.

a collaboration with Brickworks

As one of Australia’s foremost experts on home design, Wendy Moore, has a unique insight into how to create a beautiful home. Collaborating with Brickworks she’s composed four unique palettes that showcase how our diverse range of products build uniquely Australian homes through the use of colours, materials and finishes.

Wendy Moore

Style Ambassador


contemporary and high contrast

Blanco features contemporary, high contrasting elements.


relaxed and timeless

Crema is all about timeless comfort and style. This fresh palette of subdued creams and browns speaks of an earthiness synonymous with the relaxed, congenial Australian lifestyle.


bold and contemporary

Daringly expressive with a signature glamorous edge, unreserved Rouge features bold exciting contrasts for those unafraid of statement pieces.


earthy and warm

The earthy, inviting palette of Bisque allows you to maximise natural colours and textures throughout your home.


warm and cool

Taupe exhibits a neutral grey palette that strikes a true balance between warm and cool tones.


dark and moody

Rich and luxurious, Sienna is deeply textural, drawn from the palette of the hills and landscape, the earth’s elements and a wild soulful nature.


grey and glossy

Sterling is a sensory feast, highlighting both textures and colours, in tones that evoke curiosity and interest.


strong and solid

Raven makes a bold and powerful statement al a material, textural and colour level.

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Style Collaborators

Brickworks has collaborated with the following industry professionals to create a selection of colour schemes that will not only inspire, but also give you the confidence to create your perfect home.

Style Inspiration

“This unique range of curated colour schemes has been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the style-conscious consumer — you. All of our schemes speak to current trends and have been created with longevity and timeless elegance in mind. Using our industry insider knowledge, we’ve interpreted current market trends, as well as looking to the future of residential design.”


Trend Forecast Director

Style Inspiration

“Working as a team, we provide concept development, art direction, slyling, photography and Im to clients in Australia, Europe and the US. Our continuous global research and monitoring of current and developing trends, brings a thorough and informed understanding of domestic and international design and style, that informs and illuminates our work.”


Doswell & McLean

Style Inspiration
Style Inspiration

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